Issues Botox Treatment Can Help Improve
By Z Aesthetic Dermatology
May 29, 2018
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Botox TreatmentNo matter how well you care for your skin, fine lines and wrinkles tend to appear as you get older. Botox injections help smooth lines, making you appear more youthful. Injectables are just one of the anti-aging treatments Baton Rouge, LA, dermatologist, Dr. Ann Zedlitz of Z Aesthetic Dermatology, offers.

What is Botox?

Botox is a U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved treatment that uses small amounts of the purified botulinum toxin to reduce lines and wrinkles. Once injected, Botox relaxes facial muscles that contract when you frown, laugh, or make other facial expressions. Although you'll probably begin to notice an improvement a few days after your treatment, the full effects won't be noticeable for about two weeks. For the next three months or longer, your fine lines and wrinkles will be smoother and less visible. If you want to maintain your results, you'll simply schedule a follow-up appointment with your Baton Rouge, LA dermatologist.

When it Botox used?

Do you have permanent horizontal lines on forehead due to raising your eyebrows or furrowing your brow when you concentrate? Lines on your forehead can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance and avoid hairstyles that leave your forehead exposed. Botox injections smooth your forehead lines and increase your hairstyle choices.

Frowning or squinting causes vertical lines that look like the number eleven to form between your eyes. Unfortunately, these lines tend to make people look tired or angry when they're perfectly happy and well-rested. Injecting a little Botox into the lines offers a simple way to refresh your appearance. Botox injectables also minimize the appearance of crow's feet and lines that appear around the mouth.

Are Botox injections painful?

Botox injections may sting a little, but most people don't notice any pain. Before you receive your injections, a topical anesthetic may be applied to your face to minimize any discomfort. After your treatment, you can continue on with your normal activities, although you should avoid massaging the treated area or exercising for several hours.

Enhance your appearance with Botox. Call our Baton Rouge and Prairieville, LA, dermatologist, Dr. Zedlitz of Z Aesthetic Dermatology, at (225) 778-7540 to schedule your appointment.