My journey with Dr. Z began the year I turned 40. I’d just endured a major, life-changing spine surgery. After repeated procedures to help with the chronic pain I was suffering, I looked in the mirror one day and didn’t recognize who I was anymore. I’d accepted I would never be the athlete I once was, but I struggled with the aging on my face from the trauma. I saw Dr. Z’s billboard on my way home from work and called immediately to make an appointment.

I was greeted with warm smiles and the kindest, most positive energy from Dr. Z and her staff. We discussed how to start turning back the hands of time, and after that first appointment, I looked at myself in the mirror with tears of joy! I’ve been her patient ever since. From her skincare products to all the fantastic treatments she offers, Dr. Z has helped me to regain the confidence I’d lost over time. Looking back at old photos, I now appear more youthful, and my skin has never looked so healthy! -A.R. 

Recently got married and Dr. Z and her staff helped me achieve my bridal glow! I owe it all to them for helping me look my absolute best! Definitely the best decision because I’ve learned so much about my skin and how to properly take care of my skin. I’ve even noticed that I’m using less makeup than before. Don’t need it as much when your skin is looking so great!!!! Thank you Dr. Z!!! -M.Y.

Recently got married and Dr. Z and her staff helped me achieve my bridal glow! I owe it all to them for helping me look my absolute best! Definitely the best decision because I’ve learned so much about my skin and how to properly take care of my skin. I’ve even noticed that I’m using less makeup than before. Don’t need it as much when your skin is looking so great!!!! Thank you Dr. Z!!! - H.N.

Z Dermatology is the only place I will go. I have total confidence in their professional opinion. They are very knowledgeable about all of their products and services; it's obvious they take pleasure in educating the client on them as well. It's a good feeling walking in the doors of Z Dermatology. I look forward to it! -R.B.

This office is AMAZING!!!! Dr. Z is so sweet and such a delight when she took care of me. The nursing staff.... I seriously can not say enough adjectives to explain how wonderful they are!! They truly go above and beyond expectations!! I will never trust the care of my skin to another Dr. since becoming a patient of Dr. Z. Chastity is such a delight to talk to and explained everything to in great detail. I HIGHLY recommend this office and can not wait for my next apt. OHH... the office is so welcoming they have it beautifully decorated!! You should go check this office out so you can experience the level of care that you know medical professionals should give you; you will not regret it I promise!!! Oh and her skin care line is AMAZING!!!!! Like I said I can't say enough wonderful things about this office they are wonderful!!!!- A.T.

I literally cannot say enough good things about Dr. Z and her incredible team! I have been a patient for almost four years and have seen such dramatic results in my skin! I have always received the best patient care from Dr. Z and her wonderful staff! They are all so welcoming and warm each time I visit! I only trust Dr. Z and her team with my skin! Their knowledge and experience is unmatched!        - Brigette G.

After searching and searching I found Dr. Z and her Z Team. There are no words to describe the feeling that you get when you walk in. You feel like you're at HOME. Dr. Z is a one in a million doctor. She is truly the BEST!! She knows exactly what her patient needs. I had the C02 Laser procedure and my skin looks younger and flawless. I'm so happy with the results and wouldn't go anywhere else EVER!! Thanks for my bottom of my heart. - J.F.

I absolutely love Z Dermatology. Dr. Z and her complete staff are informative and friendly. I have seen some great results in the short time I've been going there. Their products are amazing and the whole experience from the time you enter the front door until the time you leave is wonderful. They're office is beautiful! I highly recommend them! - S.E.

I've had several procedures done at Dr. Z's office. I love my results and will continue to let Dr. Z and her staff take care of my skin. I had a peel and facial done by Elli and she was wonderful. After my facial my skin was glowing. I also use some of Dr. Z's products such as sunscreen and Vitamin C and love them both. I recommend Dr Z to anyone who would like to approve the appearance of their skin. - R.T.

Chastity is so knowledgeable, friendly, and courteous. Both Dr. Z and Chastity gave me such great information about my skin and I learned so much! The office is very beautiful and spa-like. The staff members are fantastic, friendly, and very welcoming. I'm so excited to be a new patient of Dr. Z! - J.T.

Office has a wonderful environment, calming, and extremely pleasant. Personnel is professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Excellent Business Overall! - P. D.

The staff makes you always feel like VIP! - L.D.

Thank you Dr. Z and to your wonderful team for helping me look and feel beautiful. I enjoy seeing all of you every couple of months. Great experiences. I have recommended several people to your facility. Looking forward to see y'all soon! - C.R.

Passion is what drives Dr. Z …that was my first observation! When someone is truly passionate about something, QUALITY comes naturally! Dr. Z is such an inspiration and has such a passionate team who truly cares about you/me and our individual needs. Z Aesthetic Dermatology sincerely earned their excellent rating! - EA

This office is AMAZING! My first visit was with Chastity. She was very helpful and informative. I was very nervous and anxious but she was very reassuring. Everything was fabulous. - C.B.

Everyone here at Z Aesthetic Dermatology is so professional, capable, and smart. You can tell the staff love their jobs. - L.R.

I love the staff! Everyone is so friendly and caring. The environment is very calming. Every time I am here I ask and want other procedures done because of the wonderful service. - B.H.

The staff is very friendly, the office is beautiful and well maintained. Dr. Z is an inspiration to women to look our best. - P.K.

Everyone is so nice, informative, accommodating, and considerate.  I always enjoy my time here. The atmosphere is perfect. - S.H

When I first come in Shirley is so pleasant and welcoming! Lisa is a genuinely wonderful person who cares greatly about her patients' comfort, results, and satisfaction. Dr. Z is simply the BEST at what she does and treats her patients wonderfully. - J.D.

The office is beautiful and the reception area is fabulous. Greeted with smiles and pampered while numbing. Leah was very thorough and professional. I feel she is concerned with giving me great results from the treatment. - G.N.

Your clinic pays such wonderful attention to details! Everyone is happy to be here! Phone service is very efficient -untrue of most offices! Shirley is always so friendly as you come in and everyone is so sweet as you check out! - T.K.

Dr. Z is wonderful!! I look and feel younger, being well taken care of and undergoing the latest and greatest treatments available. - D.S.

Excellent Service & Amazing Results! I Love my Skin!!! - P.N.

Dr. Z & the entire staff are wonderful, informed, and pleasant – they make my day! - T.L.

My experience at Dr. Z’s is always exceptional. The staff is courteous, caring and second to none. - M.F

Dr. Z is so wonderful! I love everything she has done for me.  The staff is amazing. - J.F.

Wonderful service & staff. Could spend my entire paycheck here. Thanks for making even the worst skin beautiful! -C.S.

I’ve suffered from acne & scarring for most of my adult life. I have had the pleasure of working with Stephanie and I have seen major improvements with the use of Sublative & Allumera. - C.P .

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the staff, Dr. Z the atmosphere & products. FOREVER CLIENT! - H.T.

My self-esteem and confidence level did not match my love of life and outgoing personality.   CO2 has given my life back…the ability to restore what you remember seeing in the mirror has made such a difference in melding my outer and inner beauty together. - M.G.

After my accident, I did not want to look in the mirror and see my scar. Other specialists including plastic surgeons told me nothing could be done to correct it. After only a few treatments with Dr. Z my scar is almost gone! - T.B.

The ladies here always make me feel beautiful inside and out.  They go out of their way to make me feel like a valued, special person. The ladies have a special warmth and concern about their customers…It touches my heart! - D.B.

Makes me feel like part of their family! - W.B.

I have been using the skin care products for two weeks and have already noticed fading in the brown spots. Along with the Z facial, there is a different “glow” in my skin. I have tried many skin care lines and have worked for several cosmetic companies, but “Z” skin care line is by far the best! - S.R.

I am 42 years old- 2 kids- 1 C-section. Although I am a fitness instructor and work out regularly, I still had a “pooch.” No matter what I did as far as diet and exercise, I couldn’t get rid of it. I did CoolSculpting on my lower abs and “muffin top” area. The results were AMAZING!! - M.L.

Multiple Bell’s palsy attacks left the right side of my mouth drawn down slightly. I thought it was something I just had to live with. I was so encouraged and relieved when Dr. Zedlitz told me she could improve my appearance with just fillers and relaxant.  When I went for my procedure appointment, I was really excited but I was completely unprepared for what I saw. The image looking back was me- not me with Bell’s palsy -   just me, the way I looked years ago. I was so shocked that I burst out crying.  I hate to admit it, but I vainly kept a mirror nearby and checked my face all day. - C.N.

There aren’t enough words to express my appreciation to Dr. Zedlitz for what she has done for me. I feel truly blessed. She has given me back the confidence I had years ago and for that I will always be indebted to her. - M.C.

You have already changed my life and the way I feel about myself. Your passion and understanding of dermatology is so inspiring! Watching you on Mondays and listening to your advice has made me a better person. You truly understand how we feel. You have given me hope and confidence. And I am truly feeling pretty again. Thank you a million times for doing what you do! You are amazing! - J.F.

I have been very happy with the results of my treatments. I have had several people ask me what I was doing to look so good all of a sudden. I wish I had done it sooner. Dr. Zedlitz and her staff are gentle and caring. A great experience. - J.G.

The CO2 laser has recaptured my youthfulness and allowed my self-confidence to soar…as long as there are alternative  non-invasive procedures available I am, and forever will be a patient and advocate of Dr. Z and her team of  ”artisans”! - T.M.

I have Melasma, and had the peel and I love the lasting results! I currently use her facial products, and absolutely LOVE them! Thank you Dr. Z for giving me my face back! You are a true blessing! - R.H.

I had BBL done on my face and am so pleased with the results! I travel from New Orleans just to receive my treatments in Baton Rouge because of the warmth and personal feeling given to me from all of the staff.

I decided on this procedure to lessen the effects of exposure to the sun and the damages to my face, neck, and chest. I felt like I was their only patient because of how they took their time and gave me the attention I needed. I have been extremely satisfied with the results. Dr. Z and her staff are super!

I had Ulthera done to my face above my eyes and I love it! It’s the best! I’ve had so many people asking me what medicines I’m taking because my eyes look so well rested. During the procedure, they did local blocks and I didn’t feel a thing! The results are well worth the money! I also love the products. I have been using Z products and my skin looks great. I look and feel so much better! Thanks so much!

I loved my results from my injections. I see a significant difference in my brows and crow’s feet with Dr. Zedlitz.

Dr. Z and her staff help you with your individual needs. I have enjoyed and have been very happy with every visit.

I grew up going to the beach for summer vacations. Little did I know how much damage I was causing to my skin.  A short time ago, I decided to try to reverse some of that damage. I had a series of three IPLs. I look and feel like a new woman! I now feel as if I can go without makeup. My skin is lighter, brighter, and smoother than it has been in many years. I have my self-confidence back! Thanks Dr. Z!

This has been an incredible clinic to come to. The staff is like none other I’ve ever seen, so friendly, kind, caring and very professional. Dr. Zedlitz is exceptional. She has a way to comfort me while carefully explaining all she is doing. I have complete faith in her. She is very gentle.

This is the only place I will ever have any procedures done. I love Dr. Zedlitz and her staff!!

Dr. Zedlitz and her staff make you feel like the most important person. Dr. Z exudes a confidence that makes you feel great about your procedure. The care after the procedure reinforces that great feeling.

Dr. Z guaranteed me clearer skin after 3 months, but I have achieved my personal goal in 2. Her treatment was extremely fast-acting and noticeable. My face is the clearest it’s been in 2 years.

My skin looks so much better now! The products really work. I can't thank her enough! You won't regret seeing her. It's definitely worth it!"

I have had several different procedures done, including TCA, and have been extremely satisfied. Dr. Zedlitz and her staff have made a huge difference in my life.

I just want to thank Dr. Z for taking care of me. I haven’t seen my face look this good since high school. It’s amazing. - T.C.

Truly a wonderful experience! Dr. Z and her team are all amazing! From the Initial Consultation, to the Follow-up post procedures, I have always received the highest quality of care. - D.A.

I just love Dr. Z and her staff. They are professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. They always help me to feel at ease and make the experience enjoyable. - R.N.

Loved Dr. Z! And how informative she was. Staff was incredibly friendly! Chastity and Amy W were so helpful! - K.S.

Z Aesthetic Dermatology is a step above the rest! The office is so beautiful and Dr. Z & her staff are really knowledgeable and sweet. - R.G.

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