Could Botox Help Me?
By Z Aesthetic Dermatology
July 26, 2017
Category: Dermatologist
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It's true. You checked the mirror again. Those crow's feet around your eyes and the lines between your eyebrows have deepened,botox becoming more noticeable. What can you do to change those wrinkles? Dr. Ann Zedlitz of Z Aesthetic Dermatology in Baton Rouge and Prairieville, LA, uses BOTOX Cosmetic to help patients who desire a more refreshed appearance. Injected into the muscles at the outer canthus of the eyes, between the brows, around the mouth and on the forehead and neck, this highly popular wrinkle treatment literally smooths facial lines for months.

The details on BOTOX in Baton Rouge and Prairieville

Approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2002 for aesthetic purposes, BOTOX injectables are a purified, pharmaceutical-grade form of the Botulinum Toxin A. When Dr. Zedlitz determines that a patient's personal appearance and self-image could be helped by this minimally-invasive cosmetic treatment, she schedules some short appointments at Z Aesthetic Dermatology.

As a fully-credentialed dermatologist and Expert Injector for BOTOX, Dr. Z has seen excellent results from BOTOX injections around the eyes and for the brows, depending on patient preference and need. The BOTOX serum actually limits the movement of selected muscles in the areas of dynamic wrinkling--in other words, on parts of the face where the skin moves as the patient smiles, frowns, laughs and speaks.

The injections themselves take about ten minutes during which patients experience no more than a pinching sensation. Afterward, the injected areas may be slightly red and puffy, but this quickly resolves. The optimal smoothing results from BOTOX appear within three to seven days and last literally for months with occasional touch-ups.

Could BOTOX help you?

The answer lies in a one-in-one consultation with Dr. Zedlitz at Z Aesthetic Dermatology. She'll examine your areas of concern, take a full medical history and help you decide how you want your facial appearance to change. She may recommend BOTOX Cosmetic or other treatments such as dermal fillers to help you look and feel your very best.

To schedule an appointment Baton Rouge or at the Prairieville office, call (225) 778-7540 for a consultation.