Facial Blood Vessel Treatment

KTP Laser/Facial Blood Vessel/Rosacea

Facial redness, which is often related to visible vessels or the effects of rosacea, can be especially embarrassing and difficult to cover with cosmetics. Historically, there was little one could do about facial redness, but that has changed with modern aesthetic medicine. We now have excellent techniques for improving skin tone as well as treating the underlying causes. Our KTP laser achieves excellent results, with no downtime. 

Facial Blood Vessels

Telangiectasias (fine, visible vessels in the face), can occur in anyone, though they are most common in fair-skinned individuals, and those with rosacea or sun damaged skin. When we think of blood vessels, we tend to think of large veins or arteries. However, there are miles of ultra-fine superficial vessels, very close to the surface of the skin. If these vessels are broken or enlarged, they become visible through the skin, causing facial redness. Fortunately, these types of vascular problems respond especially well to laser treatment. 


Rosacea is a common skin condition, which can cause a number of symptoms including pimple-like lesions, thickening of the skin, and facial redness. There are several types of rosacea, each with slightly different symptoms, but redness is a prevalent characteristic in most cases. Although laser treatment alone cannot control rosacea, it is an important part of many comprehensive rosacea treatment plans. Dr. Z does not stop at treating the symptoms; she works with patients to identify triggers and prevent future flares. 

KTP Laser Treatment

KTP (potassium–titanyl–phosphate) is a green-light laser, which emits light energy at 532 nm (double the frequency of Nd:YAG lasers). It is readily absorbed by hemoglobin, yet water does not absorb it at all. Therefore, the energy can selectively target redness without affecting the surrounding tissue. In recent years, this has become the preferred treatment for facial redness, including that associated with rosacea. The procedure is fast and comfortable; you should feel nothing more than a fleeting snapping sensation as the laser energy is absorbed.

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