Expert Injector

One of the greatest advances in modern aesthetic medicine was the development of injectable treatments. Products such as Botox®, Dysport, and Xeomin, relax rigid facial muscles to soften or reduce wrinkles and lines, especially around the eyes. Soft tissue fillers add volume to support sagging skin, augment lips or facial contours, and correct facial wrinkles and folds, especially around the mouth. 

While these and similar products are wonderful tools for the skilled injector, they can achieve less than desirable results if not administered properly. ExpertInjector™ is a program developed to protect patient safety and help individuals choose a qualified practitioner. Over one million practitioners in the United States are legally qualified to administer injectable treatments. However, fewer than seven percent of those individuals are qualified to be an Expert Injector. Dr. Z is among the few qualified Expert Injectors. What does that mean?

An Expert injector:

  • Is a core physician with proper board-certification in dermatology, plastic surgery, facial plastic surgery, or oculoplastic surgery
  • Has shown diligence and dedication to quality results, patient safety, and education
  • Will only administer FDA approved aesthetic products
  • Purchases injectable products directly from the manufacturer to avoid the risk of counterfeits
  • Maintains up-to-date accurate records of all injectable treatments administered for each patient
  • Clearly explains any risks associated with any procedure before the patient commits to it
  • Has appropriate protocols in place for swift and effective action in the rare event of an adverse reaction
  • Offers multiple options in injectable products
  • Educates patients about potential alternative treatments so that they can make informed decisions
  • Has received appropriate training in the best technique for administering specific injectable products
  • Establishes protocols and standards of care, and ensures that all staff members are aware of and adhere to them
  • Does not allow anyone under their supervision, including registered nurses and certified physician assistants, to administer injectables without completing specific credible injection training

Why take chances with a practitioner of unknown quality, when you can visit an Expert Injector? Call 225-778-7540 and schedule an appointment at Z Aesthetic Dermatology today – because you deserve the best!