January 26, 2017
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No matter what your skin type, using daily moisturizer and practicing year-round sun protection are essential to maintaining healthy, glowing skin. Customization is key, and Dr. Z can help you select products based on your individual skin care needs.  


For Normal to Dry Skin: 

Dr. Z's go-to moisturizing is definitely Radiant-C! It's rich in anti-oxidants with the key ingredient being Vitamin C. This potent anti-aging treatment nourishes, protects, and hydrates the skin. It moisturizes and increases the skin's resistance to environmental challenges. Truly a must-have! 



For Combo Skin (Both Dry and Oily): 

Dr. Z's best recommendation for the combo skin is Liquid Gold. The key ingredients are Vitamins A & E, and Chamomilla Extract. A dynamic veil for the skin with botanical extracts that provide a shield against the environment. It has a great silky finish, increases skin elasticity, and reduces inflammation while regenerating your skin.  



For post-procedures: 

Your face may need a little extra TLC after a procedure so Dr. Z recommends the Intense Moisture Cream. Key ingredients are hyaluronic acid, cactus and coconut extract, and Vitamin E and Pro-vitamin B5. Your face will thank you for the extra pampering! 



Of course there is much more to proper skin care, so come in today and let the skin boss help you get set up with a personalized skin regiment. Healthy skin is beautiful skin!