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By Z Aesthetic Dermatology
June 23, 2016
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• Oranges - Vit C (antioxidant) (your body can't build collagen without it) 
• Apples & Green Tea- antioxidant 
• Blueberries, Avocado (Niacin) & Strawberries - anti-inflammatory 
• Cherries- esp Acerola have high vit C... 
• Spinach-green leafy –increase moisture and elastin 
• Snap peas/carrots, Soybeans, Kale (gold standard) 
• Walnuts- Omega 3, Almonds-Vit E 
• Salmon(wild)- fish oil/omega 3 
• Oysters- high in Zinc (has been shown to help acne) 
• Milk, carrots, sweet potatoes high Vit A 
• Mushrooms - Riboflavin(B2) good for rosacea 

These benefits are additive. The more good food you eat…..the better your 
skin looks. 

By Z Aesthetic Dermatology
September 18, 2015
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